Simply for girls!

Your face is a canvas and it should be treated well.

As girls, we try to make our appearance seem godlike but sometimes our skin is just to damaged to make us feel flawless. You need just a bit of time for yourself, to make your skin glow and at the same time relax.

Some people like to take care for their skin at night because they don’t have time in the morning but if you have time, early summer morning is a must for taking care of your skin. It’s the start of the day and you can make yourself feel better by just applying a natural face mast on your face and relax while reading a book. Try it!

I like natural ingredients because I don’t trust cheap companies that make skin care products. Good skincare products and too expensive and why spend money on them when everything natural is good for you?

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Sometimes I don’t know what to write about. Even tho I have many thoughts on my mind, I can’t type them out. I wan’t to talk about my life but when I have a desire to write, I’m too busy doing other stuff and I forget about the topic…

How’s my life?

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Have you ever been so lost from trying to solve the problems in your life? It seems like the more you try, the more it gets worse.  It comes to the point where you can’t function properly and you’re always tired even if you had 10 hours of sleep, took a cold shower and drank strong black coffee.

But you need to ask yourself… are the problems really that bad?

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